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Travelers Rest Pet Sitting, LLC Terms and Conditions


Boarding & Daycare Terms & Conditions

  1. Services Offered: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting, LLC, hereinafter referred to as "Travelers Rest Pet Sitting," provides professional pet sitting services including doggie daycare, dog boarding, drop-in visits, and other related services ("Services") to pet owners ("Clients").

  2. Aggressive Dogs & Dog Departure: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting has a zero-tolerance policy for aggressive dogs. Dogs displaying aggression, posing threats, or exhibiting health/behavioral issues will not be accommodated. They will be asked to leave immediately, and the owner will be responsible for any associated costs, including but not limited to the cancellation fee of 20%.

  3. Health and Vaccinations: All dogs utilizing Travelers Rest Pet Sitting services must be up-to-date on vaccinations and preventative treatments, including but not limited to rabies, Bordetella, and flea control. The Client agrees to provide proof of vaccination against rabies and Bordetella, as well as proof of flea control treatment, upon request. Dogs with fleas will be asked to leave.

  4. Liability: While Travelers Rest Pet Sitting takes every precaution to ensure the safety and well-being of the pets under its care, the Client acknowledges that there are inherent risks involved in pet care. Travelers Rest Pet Sitting shall not be held liable for any lost or damaged items belonging to the pet owner. Travelers Rest Pet Sitting requests that pet owners boldly print their pet's name on their belongings to ensure they are returned to the correct owner.

  5. Emergencies: In the event of an emergency, Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will take the pet(s) to their preferred veterinary office or to the closest pet emergency room unless otherwise specified by the pet owner. Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will make every effort to contact the pet owner to authorize treatment and inform them of the condition of the pet(s).

  6. Reservation and Payment: Reservations for Travelers Rest Pet Sitting services can be made in advance and are subject to availability. Payment for services is required at the time of booking unless payment is made by cash or check. In the case of cash or check payments, they must be submitted upon drop-off of the pet(s) at our facility. Failure to provide payment as specified may result in the reservation being forfeited. A cancellation fee of 20% of the total service cost will be retained for bookings canceled within 1 week of the scheduled service date.

Drop-In Visits Terms and Conditions:

  1. Liability for Drop-In Visits: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting LLC shall not be held liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur to the pet(s) during the drop-in visit period. The Client acknowledges that pets may engage in normal and unpredictable behaviors, and therefore, Travelers Rest Pet Sitting cannot guarantee the pet(s) will remain injury-free during their stay unless due to negligence by the employee.

  2. Notification of Medical Emergencies: Upon arrival at the Client's home for a drop-in visit, if Travelers Rest Pet Sitting becomes aware of a medical emergency or any health concerns regarding the pet(s), the Client will be promptly notified. Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will follow the Client's instructions or seek appropriate veterinary care if necessary, based on the severity of the situation. The Client accepts full responsibility for any associated veterinary expenses.

  3. Communication: During the drop-in visit, Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will provide regular updates to the Client by sending text messages upon arrival and departure from the Client's home. These updates serve as confirmation that Travelers Rest Pet Sitting has entered and left the premises as scheduled.

  4. Owner's Instructions: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will adhere to the instructions provided by the Client regarding the care, feeding, and routine for the pet(s) during the drop-in visit. The Client is responsible for providing accurate and detailed instructions in advance to ensure the well-being and comfort of the pet(s) during the visit.

  5. Care and Safety: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting guarantees that no intentional harm will come to the pets under its care during the drop-in visit. Every effort will be made to provide the best possible care and attention to the pet(s), including following feeding schedules, providing fresh water, administering medications if required (as instructed by the Client), and engaging in play and exercise, as appropriate for the pet(s).

  6. Property Damage: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting will not intentionally steal, break, or damage any property within the Client's home during the drop-in visit. However, accidents can occur despite reasonable care. The Client is responsible for securing any valuable or fragile items to minimize the risk of accidental damage. Travelers Rest Pet Sitting should be notified in advance of any specific concerns or areas that should be avoided during the visit.


Privacy Statement: Travelers Rest Pet Sitting ensures that all personal information provided by Clients is used solely for communication purposes between the Client and Travelers Rest Pet Sitting. Client information will not be shared, sold, or used for any other purpose without explicit consent from the Client.

By using the services provided by Travelers Rest Pet Sitting, LLC ("Travelers Rest Pet Sitting"), you acknowledge and agree to comply with the terms and conditions outlined herein.

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